Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Reflection Day 2

Today, we did our group presentation slides. We took a long time to do that, but we still managed to create a neat and good slide to be presented. Through doing the slides, I learnt how we can spilt our work evenly so that we can finish the slides on time. Another enjoyable thing we did was the testing of our structure. The atmosphere was tensed at first, as we were worried that our structure may fail. After the first 200N of weights, our structure still stayed strong. But after that, the structure started to shake. We were all so worried. To our upmost surprise, our structure could hold up to 480N of weight. That really made my day after all the hard work put in to build the structure.

After all the hard work, we finally got to present to all our peers. All the different groups were given time to present. For me, I was able to learn a lot form the other groups especially the best group and how they made their structure the sturdiest. Through the presentation, I am able to find out more about how our model can be improved and what are the reasons behind why our model is strong. This enables me to further understand how a water tower works. Still, the most important part when we are doing group work is to work as a team. I felt that my team was very cooperative in doing our work.

Here are three improvements that my group can make:

  1. Managing our time better
  2. Being more discipline when doing our work
  3. Always plan before we start our work
Group Photo

Reflection Day 1

The day was a very meaningful day. I was able to built my very own water tower with my teammates. At first, we had a hard time trying to decide on the model, but after we had the idea, we straight away got to work. Through the building process, I understand the importance of teamwork and how each member is important. Without their help, I may not be able to complete the work by myself. Thus, I am really grateful to have group mates to help me, especially when I am in need.
Tony gluing the model

Monday, 23 May 2016

Water Tower Project: Pre-Camp

What sounds interesting about this project?
- The process where you can built your own water tower and is able to compete to find the strongest water tower.

What do you think you can learn from this project?
- I can learn how to built a strong and stable tower.

Any immediate questions regarding this project?
- The different ways the tower can be built.